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Friday, November 17, 2006

Give This Man an Oscar Already!

Nominated seven times, Peter O'Toole has never won. The Lifetime Achievement Award (which he received in 2003) is nice, but it ain't the real thing.
The more I see him and the more I think about it, I really think O'Toole may be my favorite actor past or present. From "Lawrence of Arabia" and "How To Steal a Million," to "The Stunt Man" and "My Favorite Year," he is always a joy to watch. Here is the trailer for his new film, "Venus." Oscar buzz already abounds around his performance. The film looks as though it might be a little too cute for its own good, but O'Toole looks to be nothing short of brilliant once again. Richard Griffiths (Uncle Monty in "Withnail and I") co-stars.

And here's a little something from a recent episode of "Saturday Night Live." Not sure what the Colonel Sanders thing is about, but after the first thirty seconds we get a great O'Toole imitation from Bill Hader. Maybe I should actually start watching the show again...Nahhhh. When they actually do something worthwhile it shows up on YouTube so what's the point?

Give this man an Oscar...and another Scotch.


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