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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Snow Cake Clip

The movie I've been plugging since seeing it at the Seattle International Film Festival in June came out in Britain a couple of months ago. They seem to love it too. The official US release is on Christmas Day. Limited of course, but at least it'll be here.
"Snow Cake" is written by Angela Pell and directed by Marc Evans. After a sudden tragedy, Alex Hughes (Alan Rickman) is taking care of Linda Freeman (Sigourney Weaver). Linda is autistic. No, this isn't "Rain Man 2."
The only trailer I can find is over 6 minutes long and essentially is the movie in pill form. I'm glad I saw the movie first and got to be surprised. Anyway, instead of posting that I put up this clip. I want you to want to see this movie but not know it beat for beat. This oughta do the trick. No one does annoyed like Alan Rickman:


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