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Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm back!

It has been far too long since I wrote a proper review of anything...and it'll be just a bit longer. I'm cooking up a full review of David Fincher's "Zodiac" but until then here are some capsule reviews of movies currently in theaters:

Reno 911!: Miami- The format translates better to television than to a full length movie, but if you're a fan of the series (which I most definitely am) then you need to see it. Be sure to stay through the credits. 7/10

The Astronaut Farmer- The story of a man building his own spaceship inside a barn is absurd to be sure, but the Polish Brothers and the performance of Billy Bob Thornton make us believe in it. In the same vein (though not as good) as "The World's Fastest Indian." Worth seeing and it's about time Bruce Dern was in a movie again. 7/10

Music and Lyrics- Hugh Grant does his Hugh Grant thing, and ya know what, that's all I need. The man's always funny (even if the movie's a stinker, like say, "American Dreamz"). Some very clever touches from writer-director Marc Lawrence as well. Hopefully it will convince VH1 to resurrect "Pop Up Video." 7/10

Breach- Chris Cooper is fantastic as American spy Robert Hanssen in the new film from Billy Ray (the director of the great but little seen "Shattered Glass"...not Cyrus). Very intriguing character study. 7.5/10

Pan's Labyrinth- Yeah it's very good, but why the unbridled worship? Maybe I need to watch it again. 8/10

Venus- The main story is less interesting than the subplots but it's got Peter O'Toole at his best. He and Leslie Philips are a joy to watch as two cantankerous aging actors. Those who claim they're "Withnail and I" in their twilight years make a valid claim. Which reminds me, Richard E. Grant and Paul McGann need to make another movie together. 8/10

Now on DVD: I finally saw "Half Nelson." A great, great performance from Ryan Gosling that establishes him as one of the finest young actors working today. 8/10

Next up: Zodiac...


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